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Wedding season will be upon us before you know it! And we're all about getting all dressed up right now! And when we're taking so much pleasure in picking that outfit that's just right... why leave the face behind? Forget smokey, and heavy, we're all about the fresh look, with a glossy finish on the eyelids, and a moody lip (the colour depending on the outfit you're wearing). 

We're taking our cues from the leading ladies of Bollywood, and more of this gorgeousness is now pinned on our "Hair And Beauty" Pinterest board HERE.

Get your game face on ladies!

What do you think about these looks!? Do let us know in the comments section! 
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Hello everyone! So we travelled to Europe over the past 10 days. I kept this one quite quiet on my social feeds. I just wanted to unwind, soak up all the interestingness of the three cities we were about to visit, and hopefully refresh my creative juices! We visited Prague, Vienna, and finally Budapest, and while I didn't click very many photos, I'd be happy to do a post on our itinerary, and my favourites, if you'd like.

One of the things that we wondered about while we were in Prague, was how the people in Europe kept all that food, and beer down, whilst still looking fit as firecrackers. And two days in Prague were enough for us to realise, it's because they walk, ALOT!

Needless to say, comfy shoes were the order of the day, and so my new Adidas Superstars came in handy. And I kinda took the whole thing a little seriously, pairing them with a sporty looking dress to make for a comfy outfit that was great for exploring the sights and sounds of the city.

| Dress: Vero Moda (50% off HERE) | Shoes Adidas (more colours HERE) | 
| Bag: Zara | Sunglasses: Dior | 

These photos were taken at the Lennon Wall, in Mala Strana  (Lesser Quarter), and I loved the story behind the wall, of how it was, and has remained to this day, a symbol of democracy, self expression, peace and love.

How are you wearing the sporty chic trend? Share your looks with us using #TheGoodlookinLooks and we'll share our favourites on our socials.

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Hi y'all! Ridhi here, and today I will be sharing with you a super quick tip.

But before that, a little must - do! One must, no matter what, ALWAYS take off their make up before sleeping. It's absolutely vital. All sort of skin issues crop up when residue of make up sticks on to the skin over night.

Having said that, let us now move on to the tip. The toughest area for make up removal is the kohl that is left behind on your water line. a normal cotton pad just can't do the trick. You might get the best of make up removers but they will be futile if each bit of your makeup is not removed.

A that's where a trusty old Q-tip or a cotton bud, comes handy! It just doesn't get easier than this. Pour on some make up remover on your q-tip and gently wipe it across your waterline. Then wipe off any residual smudges under your eyes with a make up remover pad or cotton swab. This will ensure all the gunk is taken off!

Our product recommendation : Use Bioderma's Sensibo H2O cleansing water for removing make up. It is our current fav and totally natural!! Get it HERE.

We hope this works for you, and you never have to wake up to a morning of racoon eyes! 

Do let us know your feedback in the comments section, or on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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How amazing would it be if we could achieve silky, smooth, bright skin overnight? Seems like a dream, right? Well it's not! 

Ridhi here, and today I will tell you all about a miracle product that I came acoss (Oh! lucky me!) 5 months back, I bought the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil, and I never stopped using it! 

The Kiehls website says that it is "99.8% naturally - derived and paraben - free botanical elixir that works all night to regenerate, repair and replenish the skin barrier for younger looking skin by morning" and trust me guys, IT DOES! Those of you who got scared of the word "oil" do not worry, this product is great for all skin types!

Directions for use : 
All you have to do is add one step before you moisturize in your evening skin care routine. 
Take 2 - 3 drops of the Midnight recovery oil, rub it between your palms, inhale the relaxing scent 
Gently pat the oil in circular upward motions, onto your entire face.
And then on your neck.
And then around your eyes, gently tapping the tips of your finger along the entire eye socket.
And finally bring it towards the outside of your temples.
Wake up the next morning, for visibly more radiant skin!
This oil is priced at Rs. 3200/- for 30 ml, but is it worth it, hells yeah!
We're in love with this miracle worker, and we're all about sharing our love with you.
Leave us a comment about your experience if you've used the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil before!
We'd love to know your experience.

And holla at us on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook with telling us what more you would want us to feature or review for you in this section!

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The monsoon season is like 'bad hair month' for me! My hair goes from being a super dry pouff, to be a super sticky lump within a span of two days. And it just feels like the moods of my hair keep swinging like a chic on PMS!

But over the years (especially because of having a baby in tow) I've realised that the good ol' bun is the best way to just get things going. After some time though, the same kind of hair begins to bore me out, and then I look for what else to do!

Here're some of my quick go to things to do, to manage moody monsoon hair!

I love turbans! (And that's not 'cause I'm surd okay!), and I love how a good scarf can be used in so many ways as a hair accessory. This bow style that I learnt off YouTube (you can get the tutorial HERE) is one of my favourite things to do with a scarf! Specially so, during the rainy season.
Flowers make everything better! And hair is no exception. These frangipanis grow right outside our home, so it's one of those things I always have around the house, and even in my hair. I find the subtle scent of these flowers so soothing, and relaxing after a hard day of work. 

A hair mask is one of the best ways to care for one's hair, during the monsoons. And since we're all about going chemical free on this blog, we love a good home remedy! This one is super simple, with ingredients that are readily available in everyone's pantry. 
1 cup curd + 1 tablespoon olive oil + Juice of half a lemon = no frizz, moisturised hair! 
All you have to do is simply rinse it off with water. No shampoo.

These are my go to tricks, for managing crazy monsoon hair! What are some of your secrets?
Let us know in the comments section.
Or holla at us on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

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There isn't a day that passes when I am not grateful for my family, and most importantly my husband's support in what I do here. But sometimes, I get stupid, and I take him for granted! And even though he's patient with me, I can sense the disappointment.

Sometimes, it gets hard to disconnect, and come back from the world of the internets. Sometimes anxiety takes over, and questions about wether I'm doing the right thing swim back from the deep dark corners of my mind. And there's a constant tussle about wether I should be doing this, as a full time mom, and wife. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming to see people half my age doing exactly the same things, on their blogs.

And at these times, my husband picks me up, and pulls me out of my self-doubt. So, this one's for him. Because he sometimes hates the blogger in me (who's constantly stuck to her phone!). And yet he'll push me, to go out there, and live the dream - no questions asked.
Fell in love with this dress, when it came online on KOOVS. (Buy it HERE) And it's my favourite thing to wear this summer! I think the off-shoulder trend is here to stay for sometime. It's so romantic, and yet, there are so many possibilities in which one can wear it. 

`Dress: KOOVS (Buy it HERE)| Bag: Zara (currently on sale) | Shoes: Thrifted | Sunglasses: Dior (gifted)

How are you wearing the off-shoulder trend? Do share with us using #TheGoodlookinLooks, and we'll share our favourites on our instagram account!

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Aloha lovelies! It is that time of the year, when a travel bag becomes your best buddy! If you are all set to see the world, we are all set to ensure you look your prettiest and stay sun safe too!!

Ridhi here and today I will share with you some beach beauty essentials that you must make space for in your travel bag!

1.  Forrest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Pure Rosewater Spray -
An after sun exposure remedy that instantly cools and soothes the skin. Can be used both on face and your body! Also, helps prevent sun burns. To top it all it smells divine! It costs Rs. 1025/- for 200 ml, Rs. 575/- for 100 ml.

2. Maybelline The Colossal Liner - Black -
This drug store eye liner is definitely our pick for the season. In the excessive heat also it does not smudge or crease, it is definitely a long stay jet black liner that you cannot miss out on! What's more, it comes home with you for a comfortable Rs. 425 /-

3. The Body Shop BB cream -
A must - have for anyone who has normal to oily skin and is suffering from blemished skin! It  is simply perfect for this season and accts like a wholesome skin base with the goodness of tea tree oil! A little goes a long way and tube will last you for good 7 to 8 months of daily application! It costs Rs 1095/- for 40 ml.

4. The body shop Color Crush lipstick in No. 15 : Bright pink lipstick is a definitely must have for your holiday! This creamy yet light on the lips lipstick will make your vacation even more memorable with bright smiles! It costs Rs. 895/-

5. Maybelline Cheeky glow blush (in Peechy sweetie) -
Coral is definitely the color of the season and a swipe of a subtle tangieness across your cheeks just adds to the holiday fun. Don't hold back, grab hold of this blush and pack it up for your convivial summer! It costs Rs. 275/-

6. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist - SPF 30 -
What if wearing sunscreen became as convenient as spraying on some body mist? Fret no more as Neutrogena has a solution in the form of sunscreen that is a body mist! Applying and re applying sunscreen was never this easy. A definite necessity rather than must have in your travel kit! It costs Rs. 675/- for 141 gm of product.

7. Burt's Bees tinted lip balm -
Extreme temperature leads to chapping of the sensitive lip area. Protect your lips while out in the heat of the sun with our current favorite Burt & Bee's tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia. It is available in all Sephora stores and costs Rs. 499/-

Don't forget to pack all of our beach essentials to have a beautiful and fabulous summer break!! Happy Holidays y'all!

For more adventures in beauty, follow along with us on  Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

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All girls love a little bling! Even the most conservative dressers, like to add a little sparkle to their outfits.

Hi girls, Japna here, and today I'm going to tell you all about an amazing and blingtastic month that I've had thanks to Zotiqq. An interesting concept, Zotiqq is a jewellery box subscription. A carefully curated selection of pieces, that are bang on trend, and available at your doorstep every month.

The big surprise though, is well, a big surprise! Because the contents of the box are not revealed. And  so basically you have no clue as to what this month's box, is going to have. And to add to that, every box has different goodies in it. So if you and I ordered the box for the same month, chances are, we'd both get very different stuff! How cool is that! 

The box comes in two variants! One for the hoarders, and one for the well, not-hoarders! Hehe! 
The bigger, Fashionista box, that has 5 pieces of sparkly goodness, is more appealing to me, but that's just because I love my bling. But there's also a slightly more conservative variant with 3 pieces!

My experience ordering the box was seamless, from placing the order, to the final delivery, everything was prompt, and well communicated to me via SMS. The packaging was no frills, which was nice, considering that there's a whole bunch of frou frou inside. And the great surprise was that each of the pieces came with their own cloth 'potli' to store it in later.

Here's how I wore my bling during this month.






The pieces were extremely trendy, and worked easily from being dressed down, to dolled up. They've quickly become staples in my accessories drawer, and there's  no way I'm parting with them any time soon!

Do check out Zotiqq on And you can also follow them on their Instagram, and Facebook for regular deals, and contests.

Would you shop the Zotiqq subscription!? Have you shopped any other jewellery boxes before?
Do let us know in the comments section!
or via or via Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

Thanks to Zotiqq for partnering on this post.

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