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Girls love to gossip! And gossip usually entails the fixing of a hot cup of coffee or tea, and some quick bites. But what do you do when you've got an empty pantry cupboard, and an even more empty refrigerator? Japna here my loves, and this is what I did!

First, I picked up my cell phone, and placed a super-quick order on for some, well, hand pies! Their innovative menu has some interesting savoury options, and some particularly mouthwatering sweet ones too! All delivered promptly within 45 minutes!
Then I decided to make an event of this, seeing as how, my friend said there was BIG news! Plus, we were meeting after such a long time, this called for some fun! So I plucked some flowers from the trees outside my house, and arranged them to form an outline on my charger mats.
Then I picked out my little birdie cloche (all gossip begins with what a little birdie told whom!), and arranged the scrumptious 'handpies' into it. And I was set!
The 'handpies' made for a refreshing replacement for cupcakes and sandwiches which are the typical tea-time food. They also made for interesting conversation, as they're a new concept, and it's such a fun surprise trying to discover what's inside each one of the little packets!

 A little hand-held pie added punch to my hostess style, and my friend went back home impressed (and full in her tummy)! starts delivering in Delhi from today onwards, so pick up that phone and dial, or just order on their site
More handpie happiness and deals on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!
We hope you liked this new {Entertaining} series that we're starting on the blog today! Do let us know your thoughts and comments below! Or via Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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We all love a great deal, don't we! But I for one love a great deal on a quirky something... something that's different, a little one of a kind piece, that everyone may not know about, or have seen before? And you can promptly say... it's 'not' from Zara... when someone asks where you got it!

Hi y'all, this is Japna, and today, we're showing you a place we love to go visit every once in a while. It's the 'Flea by Night' at Select CITYWALK and it's a must visit if you're a fan of scouting indie brands, and fun labels that are not much heard of, but oh so on point with the trends! The flea is on every Wednesday, and the vibe, is that of the famous flea markets in London or Milan!

Dress: Mango | Bag: Cartier | Shoes: Roberto Cavalli | Watch: Vintage 
And of course! After a hard day's work at the flea, one needs refreshments... Well, they're just across the corridor at everyone's favourite childhood milkshake shop! Keventers recently opened up a boutique store at Select CITYWALK, and they're serving up some updated options in flavoured shakes, along with their classic menu.

The flea at Select CITYWALK a definite must visit, and you'll be tempted to loosen up your wallet here! From home decor, to shoes & accessories, and some truly beautiful ethnic boutique-wear, you'll find something for every kind of mood!

Have you visited the 'Flea by Night' at Select CITYWALK?Tell us about your experience in the comments section. And if you haven't, we hope we've been able to tempt you just a little!

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Thanks to Select CITYWALK, for partnering on this post. 

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With all the chemical intake that our everyday lives involve, there's no surprise that ours is a generation battling many a disease that stems from such lifestyles. 

Hi guys! Ridhi here, and today, we're telling you a little something about going 'Au naturel'

This is where Burst of Happyness (BoH), comes in (check out their cute little website HERE!!) They are an all-natural, handmade and vegan brand that's more than just a sweet smelling concoction. Their extensive list of products boasts real results, and a serious, well... burst of happiness!  The ones that have quickly climbed up our must have charts are the “A wash to remember” Sugar body scrub and the “Divine” Facial Serum.

"A wash to remember" – This scrub is made up of goodies like less processed versions of brown and white sugar, grapeseed oil, almond oil, olive oil, unrefined mango and cocoa butter and absolutely no chemicals, need I say more?! The delightful fact about this scrub is it works as a great exfoliator, and also, leaves behind this thin layer of softness. It’s like having your own personal spa at home! It's also a great deal, at Rs.495/- for 200 gm. 

"Divine" – This product is great for normal tending towards oily skin with a few break outs now and then. As a facial serum hoarder, you can safely say I've tried everything I have never enjoyed a serum more! Light on the skin and a pleasant herbal scent a few drops is all I need. I pat some the serum onto my skin and follow it up with sunscreen in the mornings and a night cream in the evenings as a part of my skincare regime. My skin has definitely become more clear and supple post using this one in less than a week! Definitely an addict of this for life!

This serum is a concoction of Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pumpkin seed Oil, Essential Oils (Frankincense and Palmarosa), all of which are excellent for combination oily skin type. This serum is priced at Rs. 480/- for 7 gm of product.

Turns out  happiness can be found in not one but two jars!

See Japna use our current favourites! 

This summer let's reduce a few of those chemicals we put on our skin on a daily basis and befriend these super green skin loving products! 
More bursts of happiness at

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White is synonymous with summer! Once the heat is really on, we go clambering into our wardrobes to dish out the soft, cottony whites for some much needed respite from the crazy heat.

Japna here, and I can't get enough of white, during the summer months! And it's not just the cooling capabilities of the colour, but also the fact that it looks great against a warm summer tan. That makes white a full blown seller for me. Why do you think a whole lotta beachwear is all white, and super light on the skin, and billowy in the wind...and.. uhh you get the drift.

This pencil skirt is a new addition to my closet, and is one of my favourites this season for it's versatility. It goes easily from a meeting, to a brunch date, to my son's school, and some downtime with the hubby too! The slight variation in the crochet, between the top and the skirt creates just the right kind of visual differentiation in this otherwise plain paper-esque outfit!
Skirt: AND by Anita Dongre | Top: Zara (old, but they've got some beautiful styles out this year too!)
Shoes: Zara | Sunnies: Mango | Rings: Thrifted | Bag: Max Fashion | Watch: Vintage

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Pineapples are one of my favourite summer fruits! Some people may not like the tartness, and the uber-sweetness, but for me, Pineapples spell summer. I love eating them as is, or topped up with a little lemon and salt. I'm dreaming of days by the pool, sipping on a cocktail, munching on a juicy pineapple, and reading my favourite book.

So this summer/ pool party ready outfit needs no explaining! Pool days... here I come!
Skort + Tee : Both Max Fashions | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: Mango
What are you wearing to the pool parties this year?

Tell me how you liked this look in the comments section!
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As a couple with a toddler, it's not often that we get alone time with each other. And when we do, there's just so much to talk about and discuss (big plans for life you see {wink wink}!!) that we don't get to just be idle.

And sometimes we miss the romance of our dating days as a younger couple. I remember catching up for coffee after a long day of work, and holding hands while we were in the middle of a chilling blockbuster; the pride in helping him pick out the perfect white shirt to add to his wardrobe, and let's not forget the utterly frustrating yet anxious wait for your date to finally show up!

So this weekend, when the team from Select CITYWALK offered us a day of fun, we jumped at the occasion to just get lost in the crowd and live up some of the moments from when we used to date. 
We're both big fans of L'OPERA, and that was our meeting point at Select CITYWALK. A quick coffee while we decided what our tummies were after on this particular, and then we set off to explore the various new stores that have recently come up! Ofcourse the Chanel store was my first pit-stop, but hubby played along sportingly. After working up an appetite we headed to Mamagoto.

Outfit Details 
| Culottes: Marks & Spencer | Shoes & Top: Zara | Necklace : Thrifted | Watch: Kenneth Cole |

I still remember our shared joy as foodies, when we realised that Movenpick Icecream had opened it's first outlet at Select CITYWALK! It was definitely the sweetest end to a day well spent, and one of the finest shopping destinations in the city.

Do let us know your thoughts about this post in the comments section!
What your favourite places at Select CITYWALK?

Thanks to Select CITYWALK, for partnering on this post. Building exterior image courtesy Select CITYWALK.

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Here's a secret! If you want to win me over, bring me flowers! I'm just low-maintainence like that.
Nothing makes me happier!

Well, that and the onset of warmer temperature, after what we can easily call a totally temperamental winter this year! I know it's not going to be long before we'll be sick of summer too... but for now lets just enjoy the slight breeze, and the almost mediterranean climate Delhi's having. 

And so in an ode to mediterranean temps, here's a flippy-flouncy skirt, that was worn out on a date with the boo, flower in hand, and seriously, desperately, yet totally unsuccessfully trying to manage my newly cut bangs!

| Skirt: Vero Moda (via | Shirt: Zara (but hey it's a trusty white shirt!) | 
| Shoes: Zara | Bag: Max Fashion |

P.S. I'm still undecided, if the decision to cut my bangs was a good one or not... but for now I'm enjoying being able to fuss with my hair a little more.

Tell me how you liked this look in the comments section!
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