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As a couple with a toddler, it's not often that we get alone time with each other. And when we do, there's just so much to talk about and discuss (big plans for life you see {wink wink}!!) that we don't get to just be idle.

And sometimes we miss the romance of our dating days as a younger couple. I remember catching up for coffee after a long day of work, and holding hands while we were in the middle of a chilling blockbuster; the pride in helping him pick out the perfect white shirt to add to his wardrobe, and let's not forget the utterly frustrating yet anxious wait for your date to finally show up!

So this weekend, when the team from Select CITYWALK offered us a day of fun, we jumped at the occasion to just get lost in the crowd and live up some of the moments from when we used to date. 
We're both big fans of L'OPERA, and that was our meeting point at Select CITYWALK. A quick coffee while we decided what our tummies were after on this particular, and then we set off to explore the various new stores that have recently come up! Ofcourse the Chanel store was my first pit-stop, but hubby played along sportingly. After working up an appetite we headed to Mamagoto.

Outfit Details 
| Culottes: Marks & Spencer | Shoes & Top: Zara | Necklace : Thrifted | Watch: Kenneth Cole |

I still remember our shared joy as foodies, when we realised that Movenpick Icecream had opened it's first outlet at Select CITYWALK! It was definitely the sweetest end to a day well spent, and one of the finest shopping destinations in the city.

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What your favourite places at Select CITYWALK?

Thanks to Select CITYWALK, for partnering on this post. Building exterior image courtesy Select CITYWALK.

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Here's a secret! If you want to win me over, bring me flowers! I'm just low-maintainence like that.
Nothing makes me happier!

Well, that and the onset of warmer temperature, after what we can easily call a totally temperamental winter this year! I know it's not going to be long before we'll be sick of summer too... but for now lets just enjoy the slight breeze, and the almost mediterranean climate Delhi's having. 

And so in an ode to mediterranean temps, here's a flippy-flouncy skirt, that was worn out on a date with the boo, flower in hand, and seriously, desperately, yet totally unsuccessfully trying to manage my newly cut bangs!

| Skirt: Vero Moda (via | Shirt: Zara (but hey it's a trusty white shirt!) | 
| Shoes: Zara | Bag: Max Fashion |

P.S. I'm still undecided, if the decision to cut my bangs was a good one or not... but for now I'm enjoying being able to fuss with my hair a little more.

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When we're going close to the sea, I think the first visual that comes to my mind, is being on a boat. A hat on my head, cocktail in hand, and wearing my favourite little sailor costume - stripes and all.

While my (future) boat's away for repairs though, let's talk about the nautical nature of this outfit. No science involved, a match-matchy stripey twinset that's just as apt for lounging by the pool, as it is for a dinner on the patio. It's versatility makes it great for wearing in the city, or even when you're on vacation. Plus the croppy nature of the top, is perfectly on point with the trends this year. What's not to love!
Skirt + Top : (sold out but THIS is just as good!) | Shoes: Ezra (here) | 
| Bag: Max Fashions | Sunglasses:

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One of my favourite trends this summer is the chequered trend. Anything from gingham to bold check prints will be hot hot this summer. But the one that is my favourite is the grid, it's subtle, and yet statement (is that an oxymoron!?)

All these and more checks for you mates over on our pinterest boards HERE

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Happy Monday everyone! Today we're digressing a little from regular Monday programming, (there's a Moody Monday post coming up later today) to bring you a little update from my recent trip to Kerela. I've been putting up regular updates on Twitter & Instagram, but here's a little something I was saving for today!

We spent a quick 4 days in Kerela, and although the state has some amazing places to visit, we were more inclined to just take it easy, soak up some sun, and take full advantage of the Leela Kovalam's infinity pool. So naturally the most part of our stay was spent splish-splashing aground the pool, (Baby Zor loved it!) and enjoying the scenic views that the hotel has to offer.

This outfit was a real simple one to put together, and was an obvious choice for a date. The baby was promptly put to sleep on an evening when the hotel bar had a happy hour going on, and the sea was  ablaze while the sun set. We found a gorgeous vantage point that was perfect for watching the sun-set (bench and all already installed), and sipped on our cocktails while we watched the sun and clouds play hide-and-seek for one last symphony. 

The rest is etched in our memories for ever!

| Bustier: Koovs (available here) | Palazzos: Thrifted | Sandals: Vanson | 
| Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure | Nails: Revlon: Revlon Red 680 |

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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Valentines Day, and for those of you whose valentines were not just boyfriends and husbands, but instead, babies, sisters, soul sisters, moms, and dads, I feel you.

I guess this particular day of cheesiness for me, is yet another day to enjoy, and be thankful for the people who choose to love us back, just the way we love them. And just like that here's an outfit that I love, and I think it loves me back just as much. You see I've figured its a sure-fire way to get some 'ooh I love what you're wearing' lines my way (see what I mean about getting the love back!)

Outfit Details: Jacket: Vero Moda (now sold out but THIS is quite perfect too) | Top & Skirt: bYSI (old) | Shoes: Valentino (gifted) | Bag: Bebe

What did you get down to wearing this Valentine's Day?
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Call me crazy... but if you were to check my head right now, I think my brain would be one very pink blob (made of cotton candy most probably!) I'm obsessed I think with all things pink! And I'm not talking about that electric, neon, or fuchsia shade, I'm all about the pastelly (pretty sure that's a word) peach shade, that resembles the glow on a fresh face, or a gorgeous cherry blossom in full bloom!

Yea, yea, it's Valentines week and all that... so everyone's bound to be all romance inflicted.. And why not I say. At least there's one day when I can legitimately feel like a teenager again, wanna go out on a corny movie date, hold hands, and eat some candy, and believe in magic, and miracles! Maybe you should try it too!

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A hat is the best way to treat a bad hair day! But we've all heard that before... I mean you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

But to really realise how much this is true, I had to become a multitasking mom! The outfit you see here is my everyday gear.. without that hat of course! a single colour on the top with lots of layers for the funny kind of winter we've had. And jeans of some sort or the other.

It's also the kind of outfit that goes easily from grocery shopping to a date with the honey. Just add a little swipe of a cherry coloured lippy, and a floppy hat for good measure. Easy does it.

Jumper & Tee: Zara Man (Old) | Jeans: Max c/o (similar HERE) | Boots: Zara | Hat: Topshop | 
Bag: Coach (buy HERE in tan) | Necklaces: Zotiqq c/o
Do let me know in the comments section, how you amp up your everyday gear.

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