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The monsoon is finally upon us! And everything we do around the Goodlookin HQ these days is inspired by the moody weather. So it's no surprise then, that our favourite beauty trend these days is also inspired by the monsoon blues.
Hey everyone Anshu here, and I'm in the mood for brightly coloured eyeliner. Blue to be precise! But contrary to popular belief not all shades of blue liner suit my brown eyes. So I'm on a quest for some inspiration on the best kind of blues for us brown eyed babes, and you can check it all out on the 'Hair & Beauty' board on Pinterest HERE.
Cobalt blue is the right choice for brown eyes. It appears very expressive because cobalt blue works perfectly with deep, brown eyes as its contrasting tone makes brown really pop. 
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Hey everyone! I'm Anshu, the newest recruit on The Goodlookin Crew.. And today I'll be telling you about one of the newest trend that we're loving. And we love it so much we're literally putting a ring on it! Lots of rings actually.

You guessed it! We're obsessed with stacking rings these days.. And we're showing you just how we're wearing ours.
The stacking game is actually pretty simple! (that's one of the reasons why we just love it!) and here are some of our rules of 'thumb'

1. Rule No. 1 as always with us is - There are no rules! Do your own thing, and don't be afraid of it, this trend really is all about expressing yourself, and telling the world what mood you're in.

2. Flaunt you favourite one. If there's a particular piece that you just can't live without.. well, you won't have to. Instead show it off to your buddies, by giving it emphasis.. wear it without stacking any rings on that finger.

3.  Whoever said gold and silver can't be worn together was lacking an imagination! We say don't stop at gold and silver.. there's also rose gold, and resins, and way more to put on them fingers.

4. Knuckle it up! We're always wearing a knuckle ring of some sort another! It's a great twist, and makes people do a double take.

5. Pinky may be the last one in, but she's sometimes the one that brings the stack together. So don't forget to show some love to your pinky finger! And remeber, your knuckle rings, can easily double up as pinky rings.

That's it class over. Now go on and stack away!
And share your stacking secrets with us over on

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Pant season is officially over here in Delhi. We can't think of wearing trousers, and our jeans have taken a seat at the very back of our closet these days! Japna here, and I've got skirts on my mind right now. Midi skirts are the way to go this season.. and honestly they're a blessing in disguise for if you're a babe with a booty.

I raved to you about my experience shopping with STYLISTA (read about it HERE) and today I'm gonna continue to rave about them - namely this skirt!

This is the outfit I wore to work yesterday! (Yes! to an actual office.. I did switch out the sandals for a pair of office appropriate pumps) And got many compliments for how pleasantly summer-y my outfit was. So there.. that's half my money's worth achieved - you know we all are vain people who dress to impress.

But let me just say that even before the capsule collection came out I was in love with this print  by Yogesh Chaudhary's mainstream collection (which I could not seem to get my hands on) So when I saw a similar rendition done for the exclusive collaboration with STYLISTA, I was a woman on a mission.

The results as you can see, are perfectly poseworthy!
Lots of #StylistaLove to the team at Stylista.
They stayed super- connected with me and took care that my order was delivered to me asap! 
| Skirt: Yogesh Chaudhary for STYLISTA (Available here) | Blouse: Zara (old) |
| Shoes: Rosso Brunello | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Accessories: Aldo |

How would you wear this PACMAN print midi skirt? 
Let me know your thoughts on the outfit in the comments section.
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Happy weekend everyone! Japna here, and today I'm bringing you a fun account of a really special experience that our friends over at Cheri One Qutab provided us. We were invited to join the owner of the much celebrated restaurant, for a tasting of the new menu that has now been introduced.

This was a great experience for me, as I had to be completely honest with myself about wether or not something was working for me. You see I'm quite an accommodating eater usually, so this really put my palette to the test, and I had to dig deeper into actually tasting the food I was eating, rather than just voraciously gobbling it up in true Punjabi style!

Naturally we went on an empty stomach! And these photos are probably only some of the few fantastic things we were served as part of the entire tasting. (The rest were gobbled up even before I could put my fork down and bring out the camera!)

Enough said, I'll let the photos from the day make your mouth water!

A big shout out to Sudeep, the owner of Cheri One Qutab, for having us over, and making this an extremely fun experience for us.

So remember guys! The next time you're going to Cheri One Qutab all you have to do is ask for the new menu, and your tastebuds shall be delighted!
Let is know about your experiences at the restaurant in the comments section
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Hey everyone! Japna here, and today I'm introducing you to one of my latest favourite places to shop online. Now if you know me well (and by now you all do) you know that I'm a voracious online shopper. And I love to share all the inside scoops on fun stuff to find, and the where where where (as in WWW) to find it.

I came across STYLISTA through a friend's facebook page, and when I got on...well it was lurve! Honestly though it's a great website to shop some key pieces for the summer wardrobe of every 'stylista'. The collections are resort-wear inspired pieces designed specially for STYLISTA by some of the best designers of our country. They do have their own collection of great stuff as well.

I recently shopped for THIS dress, designed exclusively for STYLISTA by Nishka Lulla. And I've got my eyes peeled for THIS skirt by Yogesh Chaudhary, and THIS top designed by Wendell Rodricks.

Was so impressed with the sleek packaging, and also a cute note from the designer (a generic feature of course) was included alongside. Here are pictures of my package, the day this happy monkey opened it!

Will soon share a full outfit showing the gorgeous piece that was wrapped up in that box, but here's a sneaky-peek of me wearing it just beacause I couldn't wait to show you.
That's little old me trying to perfect the art of the mirror selfie with a DSLR!

Have you shopped STYLISTA before? Would you after reading this post?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.
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It's June ladies! And everyone's thirsty... including your lips. Here's our Quick Tippie for super lippies.
You gotta show them some love, and save them from getting all chapped up.

Apply a lip balm before you apply lipstick. Not only will your lipstick slide on smoothly, but it also won't drink up on the moisture from your lips. Make sure to touch up your lip balm every time you touch up your lipstick.

We love the Forest essentials range of lip balms. THIS ONE in particular.

Featured in this post
Bobbi Brown Art Stick in 'Dusty Rose' {Available at Bobbi Brown Stores}
Trusty Vaseline Petroleum Jelly {Available at your neighbourhood drug store}

What do you usually do to keep your lips smooth during the summer!?
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Ooh! It's getting hot around here! And as we move into the weekend, all of us here at The Goodlookin Office are thinking of the most easy outfit for moving from office to a party. We're big fans of being the hottest thing at the party.. but the heat is giving us a serious run for our money! Which brings me to this.
Japna here, and I've had this outfit idea lurking at the back of my mind for quite some time now, guess today was the day!

It's an easy-peasy kind of outfit, that's great without all the accessories, as it is with. And I'm wearing this out about town tonight. (Come say hello at the bar if you see me...won't you!)

So what are you doing to turn up the heat and beat it too, on this weekend?
Do let us know in the comments section.

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Top of the morning this Tuesday to everyone! And in the spirit of a busy second day of the week, we'll keep it quick and dirty (don't let that dirty mind of yours start racing now...). Here's showing you some never before seen shots of the FabAlley feature (which you can find HERE) of our founder Japna Sodhi's closet.

And don't you just adore a yummy mummy!

Big Thanks to Apurva, and Faizan who represented Fab Alley for this shoot. 
It was great to work with you guys!

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