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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Valentines Day, and for those of you whose valentines were not just boyfriends and husbands, but instead, babies, sisters, soul sisters, moms, and dads, I feel you.

I guess this particular day of cheesiness for me, is yet another day to enjoy, and be thankful for the people who choose to love us back, just the way we love them. And just like that here's an outfit that I love, and I think it loves me back just as much. You see I've figured its a sure-fire way to get some 'ooh I love what you're wearing' lines my way (see what I mean about getting the love back!)

Outfit Details: Jacket: Vero Moda (now sold out but THIS is quite perfect too) | Top & Skirt: bYSI (old) | Shoes: Valentino (gifted) | Bag: Bebe

What did you get down to wearing this Valentine's Day?
Let me know in the comments section, or we could just get social on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

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Call me crazy... but if you were to check my head right now, I think my brain would be one very pink blob (made of cotton candy most probably!) I'm obsessed I think with all things pink! And I'm not talking about that electric, neon, or fuchsia shade, I'm all about the pastelly (pretty sure that's a word) peach shade, that resembles the glow on a fresh face, or a gorgeous cherry blossom in full bloom!

Yea, yea, it's Valentines week and all that... so everyone's bound to be all romance inflicted.. And why not I say. At least there's one day when I can legitimately feel like a teenager again, wanna go out on a corny movie date, hold hands, and eat some candy, and believe in magic, and miracles! Maybe you should try it too!

More of this sweetness on our Pinterest boards HERE.

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A hat is the best way to treat a bad hair day! But we've all heard that before... I mean you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

But to really realise how much this is true, I had to become a multitasking mom! The outfit you see here is my everyday gear.. without that hat of course! a single colour on the top with lots of layers for the funny kind of winter we've had. And jeans of some sort or the other.

It's also the kind of outfit that goes easily from grocery shopping to a date with the honey. Just add a little swipe of a cherry coloured lippy, and a floppy hat for good measure. Easy does it.

Jumper & Tee: Zara Man (Old) | Jeans: Max c/o (similar HERE) | Boots: Zara | Hat: Topshop | 
Bag: Coach (buy HERE in tan) | Necklaces: Zotiqq c/o
Do let me know in the comments section, how you amp up your everyday gear.

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Every year we bring you a Moody Monday post that has the colour of the year on it. And that's one tradition we don't want to let go off! So here we are, giving you a little piece of colour-spiration, in the colour of the year (drum rolls please..) MARSALA.

Bold and beautiful, and warm and rich, we've been in love with all the hues of this shade right from the beginning days on the blog. (See THIS post). And we're just big fans of how this celebratory wine coloured shade is perfect for the winter season, but is also beautiful in it's sophistication when paired with pastels in the summer.

Wether it's your closet, or your home, we love how this colour of the year flows seamlessly into all spheres of our lives, including our Pinterest boards HERE.

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{Weekend Musings} :: My 2015

{Lotus shaped tealight holders from Home Centre}

Well hello everyone, and a Happy new year! (Better late than never right!) And hello to the end of one month already. I was quite adamant I wanted to just centre this month, and spend some quality time organising life, and home, taking in some cherished moments spent with family and close friends.

And my friends are all talking about making this our best year yet... and turning ourselves into our best version of us. I see people around me churning out long lists of what they want to do, be, and achieve in this year. And up until last year that would've been me too. You know, little old me listing out my goals in a squarely bulleted list, only to realise it's all been tossed out the window by the time it's Valentines day.

So this year I've done a bit of soul searching, and I've turned my list of many into miniscule. One word.

Through everything from the inside, and out. 2015 is the year to re-connect. With myself, my family, and friends, and with the readers here too! (Sometimes I wonder now if there's anyone still coming back here looking for things to read)

There. That's my 2015 for you.

What are your thoughts for the new year? Any interesting things you've got planned. Do share in the comments section or over on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook.

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When the wintery days get gloomy, and the skin gets dry and pale, instead of fighting mother nature, just put on a pretty shade! What-a-rhyme!

We felt a little bit of chill in the weather today, did you? So cool temps are finally here, and it's time to bring out the preventive lotions and potions that will keep your face looking healthy and supple.  That's why the right lipstick goes a long way. From the dark and moody plum, the cherries, and the berries, to the classic au natural rose, we're bringing you the best hues of the season to add some colour to that pretty little face.

What are your go to favourites that you can't stop loving this fall?
Let us know with the hashtag #goodlookingetsprimped, on  Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
and we'll repost them to our feed as well!

Title Image Via

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The season of glamour, gold and #Desi gorgeousness is round the corner. What are we talking about? - The Indian Wedding Madness!

Hey good lookins, a big XO from Apurva! We, the natives of Venus, have all dreamt about our ideal marriage trousseau at least once in our lives; haven’t we?  While the customary swears by the red lehengas weaved with zardozi and embellished with royal jewels; Indian contemporary designers think otherwise. Sure, they  respect the basic silhouette of a bridal couture, but what defines their fashion quotient is how they transform it with drapes and color hues into much more than just a bridal ensemble!

Taking cue from the recently concluded India Couture Week, we present to you a list of ‘Lehenga Styles’ that have made us drool (and dream) straight off to our imaginary wedding-diaries.

Bride in Black – Designer Anju Modi took the taboo shade of black and tossed a great embroidery design of Ajanta-Ellora carvings.
We love- Heavily embellished choli with a contrasting high-waisted lehenga.

The Kitsch Queen – For those who call their style ‘quirky’ – this one is for you! Manish Arora rules the bling world and beyond. Neon colors, loud shimmer and bold silhouettes have been our personal favorite from the lot.
We love-  The neon embellishment.

The Golden Girl – Manish Malhotra..sigh! Even if this designer showcases a line of dupattas, we’ll still drop drooling. Call this style ‘Gold Fever 2.0’ as Mr. Malhotra believes in making women  feel like glamorous divas.
We love– The mirror-work mixed with 'Gota' work.

The Biker Bride – This one by Monisha Jaising literally made our eyes pop! Golden embellishment on a leather skirt. Fashion Picasso alert.
We love – Of course, the leather skirt!

The Pastel Princess – If you’re bored of the mundane shades of red & pink, then follow up Varun Bahl right away! Soft tones of yellow, blue, ivory white and pearl surely brings out the freshness in a trousseau.
We love – Elegant drapes, pure white embroidery and the sheer dupattas.

 Share your personal favourites with us on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 
using the #goodlookingetsprimped, and we'll share our favourites on our feed.

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Hey everyone! Japna here, and I've got that lovin' feeling right now. My heart is full  with all the love I've received on my birthday last weekend. My husband swept me away to the pink city of Jaipur (and I shared all that with you on my Twitter & Instagram feeds). And all this makes me feel like there's so much in life to be grateful for.

This year I've been blessed with a gorgeous little baby, who brings me joy every day, and I didn't know there could ever be a love like this. I can't get enough of his sugary kisses, and hugs, and so today, this week, this lifetime we're all going to celebrate the unconditional loves of our lives!

Hugs and kisses shall abound to all and sundry, and what do you know we may even start a little movement, a revolution maybe! (nah! who are we kidding!) For now we'll just have to contend with having these little kiss marks spread out wherever we go - right now I want them ON MY CLOTHES! And also on my PHONE COVER!

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