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I recently popped over to the Bobbi Brown store in Delhi to experience their "Old Hollywood" Limited edition collection, and shared my experience through my Twitter. So I packed baby, and camera into a bag, and set out in utter excitement. (This was my first "blogging" thing after the baby arrived, and also my first Bobbi Brown thing).

| On my eyes: a combination of the three shades in the extreme right of the pallette |

While in the U.S. the collection was launched during the holiday season, it took it's time coming down to India. And to no surprise is already beginning to sell out. I chose to buy the lipstick, two nail enamels from the collection, and the eyeliner. Unfortunately the eye palette was all sold out, but as you can see from the photo it has all my favourite things - glitter, glitter, glitter.

The red lipstick is one of my favourite things from the collection.The gold casing looks super luxurious, and worthy of flaunting in front of your girlfriends during a quick touch up. I also think it makes for a great prezzie for your special girl.

That said, I really like how it compliments my skin tone. It's a nice warm colour, with a smooth matte finish.

I love a good winged eye-liner, but for my shaky hands this one is perfect. It's felt tip brush is kinda like a marker, so all you have to do is merely to draw out the line.

Overall, the collection is a total knockout in my books. It's Limited edition-ness makes it all the more appealing to me. I'm sold on it. And here I am, trying my hand at drawing that line, and getting it about right!

| On lips: Old Hollywood lipstick | On eyes: Old Hollywood shadow & Blackest Black ink liner |

If you're in Delhi, you can get the collection at the Bobbi Brown store in Select Citywalk.

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  1. Old Hollywood I officially love thee :)
    And you goodlookin I take my hat off and bow in and baby together..I can barely manage bag and pictures together..forget baby!! :)
    love Abhilasha

    1. Thanks Abhilasha! All the support from my readers encourages me to do better!


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